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Detrimental revision of the Health Service Tariff structures

Possible detrimental changes to the Dialysis Tariff Structure

Comment by 15th August


Last Wednesday the NKF learnt that a proposed revision of the Health Service Tariff structures had been posted on the Internet by NHS England and Monitor.


Billed as a “consultation exercise” five vast documents filled with financial tables were available to view with comment invited by the closing date of the 15th August..


It will take time and considerable effort to extract data relative to renal from the multitude of other health areas, but the NKF does hope to make a submission by the 15th, because NKF’s initial review reveals a 15% cut in Dialysis Tariff. 


Because a 15% reduction in the Dialysis Tariff is so potentially damaging and serious, the NKF have done other things as well :-


Asked the APPKG to send a letter to the Secretary of State demanding an extension of time ( Claiming that the time scale during the traditional holiday month of August is unrealistic )

Asked the other members of the Kidney Charities Together Group to also make submissions by 15th

Asked our Industry Partners to make submissions


This is by necessity a fast moving campaign – NKF will keep you updated as things evolve.


Please view the proposed structures HERE- and make a submission of your own if you feel it appropriate.