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Research participants needed


Research participants needed

Current medical guidelines recommend identifying changes in kidney function at an early stage and monitoring them with regular testing until they progress to a stage when treatment becomes necessary. However, doctors disagree about the value of diagnosing kidney impairment early when it may not cause symptoms. We want to know about people’s experiences of having kidney function tests and being diagnosed with early stage kidney impairment, what they understand about the condition and its monitoring, and how it affects their life.




We are therefore seeking people from all over the UK who have ‘chronic kidney disease (CKD)’ stages 1 – 3 and are managed by their GP to take part in research. Taking part would involve being interviewed in your own home (or elsewhere if you prefer). The interviews will be used to develop a new section on the award-winning website www.healthtalkonline.org . On the website you can watch video clips, listen to the voices or read the accounts of people relating their experiences of a wide range of health issues. Health professionals can also learn from people’s stories on the website and use them to improve the way they interact with and care for patients. www.healthtalkonline.org is accredited with the Department of Health’s ‘Information Standard’ and our research is approved by Berkshire Research Ethics Committee 12/SC/0495.




If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Julie Evans at Oxford University (email: julie.evans@phc.ox.ac.uk ; phone: 01865 289335 (answerphone 24 hours)). I’m sorry but our project does not include people with more advanced disease who have been treated by dialysis or transplant or those whose condition is monitored solely by a hospital specialist not a GP.