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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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Research invite


We are currently looking for people to take part in a 75-minute face-to-face interview. If you are aged between 55 and 74, have been prescribed a phosphate binder and have stage 4 or 5 CKD we’d love to hear from you to see if you qualify to take part. The results will be used to help the company to gain a better understanding of the condition from the patient’s perspective and potentially to help them to develop services which could benefit others living with CKD. These results will be shared with the National Kidney Federation. All interviews are conducted in accordance with UK market research guidelines, which ensure confidentiality and anonymity of responses.
If you would be interested in participating or would like further information, please contact:

Harriet and Clare

Telephone (daytime): 01483 457704
Telephone (evening / weekends): 07772 318140

Thank you!