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Patient Survey Results

 Patient Survey carried out by Kidney Research UK

Patient Survey 2013 Results

In 2007 we wanted to involve patients and seek their views on our work. Therefore, working with clinical directors and kidney patients, we successfully undertook a survey and using the results we identified priority areas for renal research over the next five years.

Building on the findings of the 2007 survey, in 2013 we conducted a further survey with the aim of finding out:

  • If patients' opinions have changed
  • Which areas of research are most important to patients at different levels of renal treatment
  • The age distribution of patients who were willing to participate

How the survey was carried out

The survey was carried out in two phases.

In phase one we identified patients’ research priorities. Over 1000 patients responded and selected seven out of twenty-five research areas which they thought were most important.

In phase two we asked the patients to rank the seven most popular research areas identified in phase one in order of importance.

What the results told us

Analysis of the age range of survey participants showed the largest number of kidney patients being 65-74 years old. 37% of patients who responded were transplant recipients.

Age of participants graph participants graph

The survey found the research areas patients think are most important (in order of priority) to be:

Future renal research priorities graph
The survey revealed that participants at different stages of treatment had differing renal research priorities- there is a link between the stage of the kidney patient’s journey and the areas they would like future research to address.
 Future renal research priorities graph
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This suggests that future research should focus on finding a cure for kidney diseases, its prevention, causes and early detection.

It is important to note the selfless view of patients on what areas renal research should focus. Rather than looking for research to improve their present condition, patients want to improve the outlook for future kidney patients.

These areas of research are in line with our vision ‘Lives free from kidney disease’ and are research areas we are already supporting.Click here to find out more about current research showcases.

Download here a full PDF copy of the Patient Survey Booklet 2013. (1.25MB PDF) Download