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NKF urges NHS England to inform patients about services they can expect


NKF urges NHS England to inform patients about services they can expect.  


The Chairman of the NKF, Kirit Modi, alerted kidney patients about concerns related to the new specifications for dialysis and transplantation at the Annual NKF Conference held at Hinckley on 12 October 2013. He alerted nearly 300 patients and others that NHS England had not informed patients about the new specifications. Patients do not, therefore, know what services they can expect from their hospitals following the reorganisation of the NHS.


His full statement to the Conference is set out below. 


 “I would like to raise one important issue for us to consider today. NHS England have recently published service specifications for both dialysis and transplantation services. These set out, for the first time, the services which should be provided to patients. The dialysis service specifications cover 5 areas and these include hospital dialysis, Home Haemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis.  There is a separate service specification for transplantation. The NKF welcomes the principle of service specification, because they set out what “patients can expect from the providers” and it should be possible to monitor the services provided against the specifications throughout England.   While we think the current service specifications need improvement, our main concern at the moment is that patients do not know about these service specifications. No information has been provided to patients. This is unacceptable. The NKF has offered to help publicise patient information on service specifications using our newsletter Kidney Life, our web-site and through local Kidney Patient Associations. I am today urging NHS England to fulfil the promise of these specifications and publicise the detail to patients widely and comprehensively so that no patient is left in ignorance as to what they can expect from their service. I also encourage all of you, either as individuals or KPAs to request information about these specifications directly from hospitals and other providers”.