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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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NKF – seeks parliamentary support for kidney patients

The NKF has today asked the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group ( 129 MP’s and Lords ) to hold a special meeting within the House of Commons to specifically address two subjects that are currently causing great concern to its patient members

  1. That recent changes in the NHS are resulting in fewer opportunities for kidney patients to organise dialysis away from their home base ( DAFB ).  This results in patients being unable to organise holidays, work commitments, and attendance at family celebrations.  The NKF believe this to be a breach of human rights.
  2. That recent changes to the Benefits system, including the “Bedroom Tax” are having a detrimental effect, and causing very serious consequences to renal patients, in particular to patients that Dialyse at home. 

The NKF Advocacy Service is currently gathering examples and sample cases in order to present evidence to this meeting which it expects to take place after the summer recess in October ( 2013 )