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Meeting with Earl Howe in respect of commissioning

The Commissioning of Dialysis Services

You will be aware that the NKF has extensively briefed renal stakeholders, KPA’s  and patients in respect of the proposed changes to the Commissioning of Dialysis services.  It has also conducted its own survey of opinion in order to inform the submission that NKF has made to the Department of Health’s own consultation.

The NKF’s submission clearly demonstrates the concerns that it, renal stakeholders, and patients have about this proposed change, and were pleased when Earl Howe, a Government Minister, agreed to a meeting with the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group and renal stakeholders to discuss these concerns.

That meeting, took place in the House of Commons on Wednesday 7th January during the period that D of H was conducting its own consultation, therefore the Minister was unable to pre-empt the result of that consultation, but he did listen carefully to our concerns and the NKF is hopeful that at the very least the process of changing the commissioning of Dialysis will be delayed,  if not re-thought.

During the week beginning 12th January, the renal stakeholders present at the meeting will send to Earl Howe a confirmation of their concerns in writing and an offer to work with Earl Howe on any re-think that results from the official D of H consultation.

Should the proposals proceed to parliament unchanged, then the NKF will request further supportive actions from KPA’s and patient members, and will issue a call to further action as soon as that position is clarified.

The renal stakeholder's confirmation of concerns have now been sent to Earl Howe.

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