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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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Hindus urged to save lives

For immediate release: Joint press release from the National Kidney Federation and the Hare Krishna Temple: 9 August 2012.

Hindus attending the celebrations for the birthday of Lord Krishna on 10 and 12 August at the Hare Krishna Temple will be asked to potentially save lives by registering as organ donors and to inform their close family members of the decision. This message will be given jointly by the National Kidney Federation and the Hare Krishna Temple to around 60,000 visitors to the Temple during Janmashtami.

Srutidharma Prabhu, President of the Temple said: “I am requesting all Hindus in this country to seriously consider organ donation after death and to discuss this within their family during this auspicious celebration of Janmashtami. Together we can save the lives of the 3 people who die every day in this country while waiting for an organ. Hinduism makes a very clear distinction between the body and the soul and there can be no greater “daan” than that of saving the life of someone else after ones death”.

Kirit Modi, Vice-Chairman of the National Kidney Federation will address the audience at the big tent at 4 pm on both days of the festival. He said: “Those of us from Asian background need more organs compared to the white population and fewer Asian people are registered as organ donors. This has to change and we all have to take responsibility for doing so. I urge you to register, to discuss your decision with the closest members of your family and to support us by spreading this important message. Please do not let this year’s birthday festival of Janmashtami pass by without doing what you can to potentially save a life of someone else after death “.


NKF representatives before the stand at Janmashtami - click to download full-size (4000 x 3000 pixels)NKF representatives in the tent at Janmashtami - click to download full-size (4000 x 3000 pixels)The Modis being introduced on the stage at Janmashtami - click to download full-size (4000 x 3000 pixels)The Modis on the stage at Janmashtami - click to download full-size (4000 x 3000 pixels)
  1. The Janmashtami festival will take place at the Hare Krishna Temple, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Herts, WD25 8DT on Friday 10 August and Sunday 12 August 2012. The National Kidney Federation (NKF) stand will be open between 2 and 8 pm on Friday and between 1 and 7 pm on Sunday.
  2. Statistics related to organ donation and transplantation shows the following.

    • A quarter of people, nearly 2,500, waiting for an organ are from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background. Nearly 90% of these are waiting for a kidney.
    • Only 3% of those registered on the Organ Donation register are from BAME background.
    • Nearly 70% of people from BAME background refuse to give consent for organ donation after the death of a close relative, when this is requested by the hospital.
    • In 2010/11, only 12 donors from Asian background donated kidneys after death. In comparison, 230 Asian recipients received a kidney transplant from a donor after death.
    • In 2010/11, there were 75 live kidney donors from Asian background; almost all the recipients were also Asian
    • Research also shows that of those who want to donate their organs and haven’t discussed their wishes with their loved ones:

      • 50% just hadn’t got round to it
      • 28% (one in three) didn’t think they needed to,
      • 18% (nearly a fifth) presumed their family knew their wishes.
    • Almost all (93%) of those who had spoken to their family about donation wishes admitted that the conversation was actually easy to have whilst the majority (88%) said they were supportive.
  3. The National Kidney Federation (NKF) is the largest kidney patient charity run by patients for patients. It provides direct support to patients through its Helpline service as well as its Advocacy service. It campaigns for improvements in the provision of services to around 50,000 kidney patients in this country by working closely with the Department of Health and NHSBT. NKF has established the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group to raise concerns with parliamentarians and the Government. The NKF is a federation of about 60 local kidney patient associations covering the whole of the UK. Further details about the NKF are available at www.kidney.org.uk

    For media queries contact the NKF Helpline on (0845) 601 02 09 or Kirit Modi on 07929 778440.

  4. Photos from this event will be provided to the media by the NKF on 13  August.