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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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NKF asks for your help , but we are NOT asking for you to complete this
survey yourself.

The purpose of this survey is to identify promises of support from potential
MPs individually - it is not about publishing the level of support for a
particular renal topic within any one Party.   From these survey forms will
emerge the new All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group (APPKG) of the future.

Please download the survey form available on this page and print out three
copies onto A4 paper.

Each survey form consists of two pages and so can be printed back to back if
you prefer.

These are for immediate use by you - here's how.

First step - please enter your own name and address in the top right hand
corner of each of your three forms

Second step - NKF requests that you look up the names of the three
candidates in your own constituency with the best chance of winning the seat
( they can't all win, but by choosing those with the best chance we hope you
will strike lucky) - then we ask that you arrange to go and see all three of
them at their campaign HQ.  It may be a good idea to check the names of your
candidates and their HQ's on the Internet.  If you really cannot visit any
or all of the candidates, then it would be OK for you to post the form with
a letter - however this is very much a second best solution. The letter
should ask for the form to be returned TO YOU

Third step - Ask the candidates to answer the six questions, sign the form
and then return it TO YOU (not directly to the NKF).

Fourth Step - Once you have extracted all the information you require
locally (all responses may prove useful to you in the future, whether or not
the person got elected)  put the three forms in an envelope and post them to

NKF , The Point, Coach Road,  Shireoaks,  Worksop, Nottinghamshire S81 8BW -

All completed forms should reach the NKF either during the election campaign
or within seven days of the result being declared (i.e. by 14th May 2015).

If you have any queries about this matter, please do not hesitate to contact
the NKF Helpline on 0845 601 02 09 or nkf@kidney.org.uk .

This can be an exciting and enjoyable way of really helping kidney patients
and the NKF - after all you are going to get close up to three candidates
from three different parties during the "White Heat" of an election campaign.

In anticipation of your help - thank you.

Tim Statham - NKF Chief Executive

Click here to download the survey form