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European threat to Living Donation in the UK

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UpdateVictory for Kidney patients on EU Directive (link to News)

The following information is now historical and included for completeness only. Please do not contact any of the people mentioned.

The European Parliament will shortly agree an “Organ Donation and Transplantation directive”. Amendments so far tabled include proposals to make Living Donation an operation of last resort, and also impose a complete ban on paired, pooled and altruistic donation.

The NKF believes these to be extremely harmful to the cause of transplantation in the UK and are taking steps to persuade MEPs not to support such amendments, (these steps include an advertisement placed in an influential publication sent to all MEPs — please click here to read the advert (PDF, 127kB) — our case) however it would be helpful if patients themselves would make their own representations.

Since this Directive has not been finalised there is still time to influence what the final version will look like. At the moment, the Directive is being discussed by the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety within the European Parliament. This is a Parliamentary Committee consisting of 68 MEPs that is set up to examine a proposed piece of legislation and suggest amendments before the Parliament vote on it. This committee is currently in the process of examining the proposed directive along with the amendments that suggest that living donation should be used as a last resort. The Committee will vote on the directive on March 16. If it is passed by the Committee, they will then give it to the European Parliament to vote on it. The vote in the European Parliament takes place on April 20 in Strasbourg.

The Rappoteur is Miroslav Mikolasik; his e-mail is miroslav.mikolasik@europarl.europa.eu and he controls the amendments.

The second person we recommend you send it to is Anna Rouillard and her email is anna.rouillard@logos-eu.com.

Following on from the above here is the list of MEPs that we have been advised to send our correspondence to.

Their emails are formulated like this:

firstname.lastname@europarl.europa.eu so for example eva.lichtenberger@europarl.europa.eu

  • Eva Lichtenberger
  • Andres Perello Rodriguez
  • Cecilia Wikstrom
  • Peter Liese
  • Antonyia Parvanova
  • Frederique Ries
  • Marina Yannakoudakis
  • Marisa Matias
  • Jo Leinen
  • Horst Schnellhardt
  • Oreste Rossi

The Kidney Alliance has issued a Statement on its position over this issue. Please click here to read it (PDF, 154 kB).

Submission from NKF to Miroslav Mikolasik, Anna Rouillard et al. on Proposed European Organ Donation Directive (link to Letters)

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