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April 2015 - Issue Eleven - "In Touch" newsletter - Clarification and Correction



The NKF has become aware that the article " The Five National Renal charities - a brief description of each" that appeared on page 3 can be misinterpreted in a way that could be harmful to the NKF and to the other four national renal charities. The NKF wishes to make it clear that patients and KPA's are perfectly entitled to raise money or hold fund raising events for any organisation that they choose. The article should not be read as implying that money should only be raised for the NKF. 
It is necessary to be very clear when planning an event to spell out who is to benefit at the very start, so that patients and the public fully understand where money raised is going.  Recently there has been some confusion following events that has caused some people to be disap
pointed.  - The purpose of the article was to advise how to avoid such confusion - not to dictate where the money should be going.

Dr Richard S Trompeter FRCP FRCPCH, has advised the NKF that the description of Kids Kidney Research is inaccurate and that the charity has absolutely no link to Great Ormond Street Hospital.  The NKF would like to apologise to Richard for this error and would advise readers to go to the charities website at http://www.kidskidneyresearch.org/  for a full understanding of the work that they do.