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Haemodialysis (Shane)

by Shane Cross

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Hello I am Shane and I am a dialysis patient. I was found to have kidney failure in 1993 and I was started on dialysis in 1995. I first went onto CAPD which I was happy being on. I was very sad when 12 months later I had a few problems with the tubing. I had to go onto Haemodialysis which, after being on CAPD, I did not really want to do but, as you know, we have no choice.

However, I got used to it and now I do four hours three times a week, sometimes I am in Exeter, sometimes Taunton, sometimes Barnstaple (I’ve now moved to South Molton). I am a little loud at times and try to keep laughing (after all it is no good crying) so I think the nurses and Doctors etc. send me away when they want a rest (Ha Ha); I think they love me really.

I have got to know some lovely people and we really are like one big happy family. After seeing them all so often you do get to know them personally and if one patient that you know is not doing very well you really do feel for them.

The nurses are all brilliant, kind and caring. The Doctors all speak to you and even all the cleaners, tea ladies, electricians etc are like part of this very large family. Sometimes you feel if you are feeling as well as can be expected that you are not just going for treatment but for a few social hours out.

This article by Shane is an extract from a fuller version he wrote for the Perceptions series on this website. Click here to read it.

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