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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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NKF Officers & Staff - David Macdonald - Wessex KPA



I was born in the 60’s, went to work in the 70’s and in the late 80’s I crash landed as a renal patient in Portsmouth renal unit. I started training as a self – care Haemodialysis patient in June 1989 and in September I went back to work as a self-employed bricklayer, on my third day back at work I got a call for a transplant, which lasted 6 days. I went back to my training to be a self – care patient on HD. I was a self – care patient until I had my second transplant in March 1991, this one lasted me for nearly 6 years. Then I spent just over 10 years on HD before I got my third transplant in December 2006 which is still working for now.

I joined my local KPA in 1993 and I have been the Chairman since 2007. I joined the NKF in 2004 and served for seven years on the executive committee, for 5 years I represented the NKF and kidney patients on the British Renal Society council.