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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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Kidney Life - Kidney Life downloads


Download the on-line edition of Kidney Life

You can now download Kidney Life to your computer at any time to read on your screen. The NKF magazine is made available as a PDF file of around 3.5MB in a special on-line version suitable for members and non-members alike. For more details of the printed edition, click here.

Need large print?

With the on-line edition you can enlarge the page using your browser or PDF reader’s zoom facility, getting clear, crisp print as large as you need. This could be a real advantage for visually-impaired readers.

Download Here

Kidney Life Autumn 2018

Kidney Life Summer 2018

Kidney Life Spring 2018

Kidney Life, Winter 2017

Kidney Life, Autumn 2017

Kidney Life, Summer 2017

Kidney Life, Spring 2017

Kidney Life, Autumn 2016

Kidney Life, Summer 2016

Kidney Life, Spring 2016

Kidney Life, Autumn 2015

Kidney Life, Summer 2015

Kidney Life, Spring 2015

Kidney Life, Winter 2014

Kidney Life, Autumn 2014

Kidney Life, Summer 2014

Kidney Life, Spring 2014

Kidney Life, Winter 2013

Kidney Life Autumn 2013

Kidney Life, Summer 2013

Kidney Life, Summer 2012

Kidney Life, Winter 2012

Kidney Life, Autumn 2012

Kidney Life, Summer 2012

Kidney Life, Spring 2012

Kidney Life, Winter 2011

Kidney Life, Autumn 2011

Kidney Life, Summer 2011

Kidney Life, Spring 2011

Kidney Life, Winter 2010

Kidney Life, Autumn 2010

Kidney Life, Summer 2010

Kidney Life, Spring 2010

Because 3.5MB is quite large, even broadband users may have to wait a few minutes before Kidney Life is displayed.

If your computer has no PDF reader you can download one by following this link:

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