The transplant phone call

Deciding to go on the kidney transplant list is a life-changing step. The next challenge? No one can say when the call will come. Here’s what to expect when it does. Read more

A Covid-19 Perspective on Home Dialysis

We have all had a difficult and worrying time since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in early 2020 and this has been particularly true for those with kidney disease who need dialysis. Read more

Healthy Eating for Your Kidneys with Joanna Pulman - Wednesday 20th September 2021 5pm - 6pm

Join us on Wednesday 20th September for our first of many webinars with Joanna Pulman, Kidney Dietitian and part of the BDA Renal Group. Read more

Mental Health

Mental health advice and support Read more

Organ Donation: One Year On

Watch our webinar celebrating the first anniversary of Max and Keira's Law in England. Read more

Our Industry Partners

Our industry partners Read more

Kidney Patient Associations

Currently there are 49 KPAs and they come together as the controlling Council of the National Kidney Federation. The KPAs are both the ears and the eyes of the NKF and its controlling force. Read more

Kidney Beam

Learn more about how kidney patients take care of their physical and mental health. Read more

NKF and KPIN Collaborating Together

Join us on Thursday 8th April for a joint webinar about KPA involvement. Read more

Impact Report

Read all of our achievements in 2020 Read more

Home Dialysis Campaign

We are pleased to announce the launch of our home dialysis campaign. Read more

An outline of the NKF's strategy for 2021-2026

NKF strategy 2021 - 2026 Read more

Home Dialysis Campaign

Home dialysis campaign Read more