The executive committee consists of the elected officers plus the following:

John Burdett - Northamptonshire KPA

Wajid Iqbal - Manchester Royal Infirmary KPA

Michael Sinfield - Six Counties KPA

Michael received a kidney transplant in August 1995. He had PTLD (post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder) in 2001 but had a course of chemotherapy that sorted out the lymphoma. With a change of medication all has been well since.

Michael has PKD and was fortunate enough to receive a transplant before needing dialysis.

He works as a chartered accountant.

Barbara Soden - Shropshire and Mid Wales KPA

John Roberts - Hope KPA

After seven years in the military and 27 years in the ambulance service, John retired early in 2011 due to CKD. He then started home dialysis, but spent six months in-centre because of another medical condition. John received a transplant from his daughter in 2019.

He became a member of the NKF through Hope KPA, who he has been working with for many years, along with other kidney-related charities. 

A keen advocate for home dialysis, he monitors a Facebook page for UK patients who use the NXStage dialysis machine.

David Coyle

Glen Smith - Addenbrooke's KPA